OntoMP: CIDOC-CRM / FOAF / DBpedia

CIDOC-CRM / FOAF / DBpedia Representation

The transformation of OntoMP: Original Design in OntoMP: CIDOC-CRM Representation was a straight-forward process; the original concepts were expressed as events and associated concepts, and the original relations were mapped into the correspondent in CIDOC-CRM. However, it was understood that some properties related with person could not be expressed in CIDOC-CRM in a simple and natural form. So it was decided to explore the combination with FOAF (Friend-of-a-Friend) and DBpedia, since both contain a vocabulary specific to describe individuals, their activities and their relationships with other people and objects.

After this investigation, it was refined CIDOC-CRM adding FOAF and DBpedia concepts and properties. Regarding FOAF, it was imported gender property, person names (name, givenName, familyName and nick) and person-image relations (depicts and depiction). From DBpedia it was picked up properties like religion, profession, education, party and spouse.

After the refinement of CIDOC-CRM ontology with FOAF and DBpedia elements, we got a simpler notation (descriptions became less verbose); moreover the original was enriched conceptually, this is more details about people’s stories can be included in the knowledge base.

Figure 1: OntoMP: OntoMP: CIDOC-CRM / FOAF / DBpedia Representation for Museum of the Person

In Figure 2, a OntoMP: CIDOC-CRM / FOAF / DBpedia Representation instantiated with Maria Cacheira life story is shown.

Maria Cacheira life story: an example

Figure 2: OntoMP: OntoMP: CIDOC-CRM / FOAF / DBpedia Representation for Maria Cacheira life story

A person (E21 Person), gender Female, name Maria Alice Rodrigues Cacheira (decomposed in givenName Maria Alice and familyName Rodrigues Cacheira), participated in (E5 Event) that is her birth (E67 Birth). This event occurred at a (E52 Time Span)—that is identified by (P78) 1946-10-08, an (E50 Date) — and at a (E53 Place) — that is identified by (P87) Afurada an (E44 Place Appellation).

This person (E21 Person) is depicted in the photo (E38 Image). This photo is identified by (P1) 090-F-01.jpg (E41 Apellation), has note (P3) Maria Alice Rodrigues Cacheira, refers to (P67) Maria Alice Rodrigues Cacheira (E55 Type Description), and was taken in a (E52 Time Span) — that is identified by (P78) 2001-12-07, an (E50 Date) — and at a (E53 Place) — that is identified by (P87) Junta de Freguesia da Afurada, an (E44 Place Appellation).

A person (E21 Person) has education Sabe ler e escrever (4ª classe), professes the religion Católica and has profession Peixeira e Empregada de limpeza.

Besides the concepts described above, there are still others which are represented in CIDOC-CRM version, as (E55 Type). For example, (E21 Person) has type (P2) Viúva (E55 Type Marital Status).

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