General Approach

This section presents a general approach for building the Museum of the Person. This proposal is defined at an abstract level so that the main architectural blocks and their interactions can be clearly understood; the data flow and the main transformations will be emphasized without technological commitments. After describing the general approach, two alternatives will be discussed to refine that architecture.

The general approach, to build the Museum of the Person comprises: the repository that are interviews collection annotated in XML; the Ingestion Function [M1]responsible for getting and processing the input data; a Data Storage [DS] that is the data digital archive; an Ontology to map and link the concepts with the objects stored in [DS]; the Generator [M2] to extract data from [DS] and manage the information that will be displayed in Virtual Learning Spaces [VLS] (the final objective of this project)

This general approach will have two possible refinements, which are dependent on the [DS]. In approach 1 the [DS] is a TripleStore, while in approach 2 the [DS] is a Relational Database. According to the kind of storage chosen, the ingestion function and the learning spaces generator will require different designs

Figure 1: General Approach to build the Museum of the Person

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